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We are proud to present to you some of the best homes, apartments and offices for affordable prices.

At Lexmar Realty LLC our focus is on Property and Asset Management. We are able to handle all aspects of maintaining and improving your asset through fostering strong long-term relationships with tenants, vendors, lenders and you! While we do offer leasing services at our managed properties, we do understand that in some cases we might not be the best agent for your location so we will work hard to put you in front of the right team.

Our office utilizes Yardi Voyager Management software enabling us to properly account for and track all pertinent tenant lease and insurance dates, payments, maintenance items and other critical contract points as well as provide up-to-date financial reporting and common area expense reconciliations.

We will handle all the stressors that come with your commercial investments including, but not limited to, the following:


Second Hand Markets

No matter the branch you plan on doing business in you want to follow a general principle, USE A CONTRACT! We suggest the use of written agreements in all cases, unless you know and highly trust the person. You are certainly going to be better off going through a brokerage, rather than typing up your own sale agreement. We condone the use of qualified experts in anything timeshare/vacation property related.

Depending on what you are setting out to do, your brokerage should take you from start to finish. If you currently own and want to rent or sell, your brokerage should include any listing or advertising efforts needed to generate purchasers. When found, you should expect your brokerage to qualify the purchasers’ ability to pay, then immediately follow through with a written agreement setting the confines and time table for the transaction. A reputable escrow, title, or closing company should be used to ensure proper transfer of property and funds as dictated on the contract.

Now if you are looking to purchase or rent a second hand or pre owned vacation property you should expect the same thing, use a contract and ensure your transaction is being guided through a broker. Your mind will be at peace, and your pocket will thank you later!




We begin by investigating your requirements and needs for comfort on your upcoming vacation. Things like courtesies, capacity, facilities, perks, and weeks would all be considered. Once we chat about your needs we will then filter our database with your petitions to produce the best matches possible. After a choice is made to precisely what rental works best for you, our broker would then start negotiations and produce the best price point for the given weeks. Every rental is ensured under contract and commissions paid at closing.


Sitting around for your resort to make good on the promise to send you clients for rentals is well, just sitting around! Looking for your own rental opportunities can open doors and places control in your hands while garnering incredible results if done right. Lexmar Realty LLC Solutions puts incomparable results on your side. Once a potential tenant is produced we will start by setting terms for the rental. Once the terms are set and agreed to, your tenant will need to deposit the set amount into trust. You will then need to reserve the agreed upon time with your resort. As soon as the reservation ids and confirmation is given from your resort the funds are transferred to you and reservation to the tenant.



Through bad listing experiences and all out fraudulent activity this particular branch of the second hand market has gotten a very bad wrap in the last years. You’re most definitely going to want a well drafted sale agreement to safeguard your position within the transaction. When undergoing a resale, you are always best going through a reputable brokerage with years of timeshare/vacation property experience to successfully navigate your sale.

If you’re the one selling a broker will offer their services from the very beginning and will include listings, filter prospects, draft agreements, and establish escrow/title/closing company involvement. Best of all your dues are paid at the end of the transaction.

Resales are strongly looked down upon by most resorts, especially abroad where regulation is highly lacking. Resorts will always set forth requirements for sales within their original purchase contracts.

It’s also common for resorts to strip a membership from certain amenities upon transfer. Whether you are thinking of purchasing or selling you’re going to need to do your homework on the resort in question to ensure a smooth transaction.